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    you may set up training plans with no difficulties with Turtle Gym!、

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How TURTLE GYM supports the needs of care centers

Q. Along with providing care for our elderly patients, we would also like to give focus to our newer users...
A. Turtle Gymʼs unique patented technology allows elderly and female users with weaker muscle strength to begin training with no difficulties.

Normal weight stacking machines at other fitness centers are not as user-friendly and seem to be too difficult to use.
Turtle Gym is designed for beginners and senior users for rehabilitation. The user-friendly design and patented technology will help gain the attention of many other users.

Q. Additional labor is needed for training machines that require staff to be present...
A. Turtle Gym does not require staff to be present for users to make the most of the machine.
Users are able to exercise by themselves safely. There is no need to have a staff member present for customer utilization of Turtle Gym.

Turtle Gym is designed for senior citizens to complete rehabilitation or exercise by themselves.
One of the main goals for Turtle Gym is safety, allowing users of all skill levels to utilize our machines easily and safely.

Q. Now that there are many more fitness centers around, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate ourselves from others...
A. Turtle Gym could be used by a wider range of age groups, allowing you to expand your customer base.
Users can rehabilitate or exercise at their own pace, depending on their level and strength, regardless of age or sex.

Many elderly users find it more difficult to use exercise machines, however, Turtle Gym is designed to be easily used by people of all ages.
Turtle Gym machines have surprised users that once believed they could not possibly exercise and have made them more excited to continue exercising. Another feature of Turtle Gym machines is that they allow you to train different body parts.

Introduction of training systems for various purposes

We have 8 types of training machines for each part of your body depending on your needs and size of your facility.

Body slimming machines

Develop new customers with purpose-specific fitness!

This female targeted - body slimming machine set comes with a chest press for breast enhancement and good posture, Twister for your slender waist, hip adduction for bow leg correction, and leg press for tighter buttocks muscles.

Body slimming machines

Machine details
Occupation Area 7.3m³ at minimum ※See above for details
Price Approximately 2,600,000 yen

Trunk Training System

System to effectively strengthen inner muscles

Inner muscles help to stabilize your trunk in many sporting activities. By strengthening your trunk, your golf swing can become more stable and balanced. This system comes with the machines that you need to strengthen your trunk, hip adduction

System to strengthen inner muscles

Machine details
Occupation Area 7.3m³ at minimum ※see above for machine details
Price Approximately 2,640,000 yen


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