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Users can control amount of resistance depending on your muscle strength. Thus we recommend it for seniors with higher risk of injuries to muscles.

User-friendly designed machine with lower risk of injuries

  • When you try to swim faster, more load is applied to your muscle. On the other hand, when you swim more slowly, less load is applied to your muscle. Exercises that are performed under constant speed depending on your muscle strength are called Isokinetic Exercise*1 .

    TURTLE GYM is the very first rehab machines that follows the principle of Isokinetic exercise which allows you to control load depending on your muscle strength. Traditional training machines has higher risk of injuries for elderly even with the lightest weight. It also requires caregivers since you cannot stop exercising in the middle of the exercise.

    TURTLE GYM allows you to control the amount of load depending on your muscle strength, and to start/stop exercising whenever you want.

    This machine could be used for various purposes such as rehabilitation and training by wider range of age groups.

    *1 Isokinetic Exercise is performed under fixed speed depending on your muscle strength. Since it changes resistance level according to the amount of effort you apply, it reduces the risk of damage to muscle and helps you to safely conduct training throughout the required range of motion.

The electric assisted rehab machines has excellent durability and causes no risk of oil leakage, which has been a problem in the past with traditional training machines.

  • TURTLE GYM carries electric actuator which is different from the traditional hydraulic machines.
    This is designed to move at fixed speeds no matter how much effort is applied. As you try to move the machine faster than the machine speed, more resistance will be applied to your muscle.

    Actuator of TURTLE GYM

    The biggest feature of the electric actuator is that there is no need to worry about oil leakage and has excellent durability. Therefore, it not only reduces the burden for maintenance, but also requires low running cost.
    If you have any questions about the machine, please feel free to ask us.

The compact design enables you
to install in facilities with limited space.

  • The compact design is another feature of TURTLE GYM.
    Not having enough space for traditional training machines have been a problem with many senior care centers and clinics.

    TURTLE GYM could be installed even at facilities with limited space since it does not require as much space as traditional weight stacking machines.

    Thanks to its compact design, TURTLE GYM is lighter than traditional weight stacking machines that most people could move and set up machines when needed.

What are the benefits?
Good results will come out even with once-a-week training!

Many of you want to know what the benefits would be after the installation.
Below are the results of users at a functional training specialized senior care center called Tryus administered by ASICS Japan, before using TURTLE GYM and after using TURTLE GYM for 3months and 6 months.

Breakdowns of users
Assisted Living 62.2% Personal Care 37.8%
There are slightly more female users.

Below are the training results of the users.

The study showed that they received better results after using TURTLE GYM for 6 months on 3 tests: standing, walking and fall prevention ability.

For example, the standing ability test shows users can stand up 5secconds faster after using TURTLE GYM for 6 months. This means the Turtle training helps users to gain muscle strength.
Also, with fall prevention tests, their attention function and executive function became 8.5seconds faster and the length of one-leg standing became 2.4seconds longer.

In response to this result, the Tryus happily said “Turtle training is definitely effective for our users.”

We highly recommend TURTLE GYM for rehab and strength training because…

  • ■You are able to rehab safely with no support
  • ■It controls the amount of resistance and speed automatically and safely
  • ■It carries less risk of injuries to muscles and joints as it controls the amount of resistance depending on your muscle strength
  • ■It has excellent durability and is affordable thanks to its electric cylinder
  • ■It saves a lot of space thanks to its compact and light weight design

We have TURTLE GYM fans all over Japan!

  • TURTLE GYM supports real needs of care givers such as
    “We want our users to be able to train effectively in limited spaces,”“We want our users to exercise but we don’t have any knowledge,”and “We want training machines with less risk of injuries.”
    More and more people find the convenience of TURTLE GYM.

  • I recommend TURTLE GYM

    “I wish everyone including elderly could exercise just like the top athletes…”
    TURTLE GYM was the one I found when I had been struggling with finding the best rehab / training machines.

    Turtle gym , which is made with the principle of Isokinetic exercise enables you to safely train and maximize the outcome of the training.
    This is also good for those that want to exercise but do not want any muscle pain.

  • Sports Instructor
    Mr. Yosuke Miyazaki

The origin of the name: TURTLE GYM

  • We named TURTLE GYM with the idea of having machines which helps people to be healthy, little by little just like turtles. We produce 8 types of machines and assist people kindly and slowly to exercise.
    Try our new sense training machine for better social welfare.


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