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We recommend our
TURTLE GYM machines
Orthopedic Clinics/ Manipulative clinics/ Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinics/ Osteopathic clinics and more.

How TURTLE GYM supports the needs of care centers

Q. We have plenty of elderly patients with weaker muscle strength, and we recognize that regular treatments have not been sufficient.
A. Our turtle gym machines are recommended for elderly patients because of their user-friendly design, allowing patients to build strength without any difficulties.
With our machines, building strength is a reasonable task.

There are many cases where patients have limited function due to lack of strength training.
Treatments work well in the short-term, however, symptoms return soon thereafter. Each center recognizes that training provides long term results, but do not have enough staff to assist with patient training.
With Turtle Gym machines, your patients can build long-term strength without the need for more staff.
By installing Turtle Gym, patients can improve muscle strength without putting a strain on caregivers and patients alike.

Q. Because we have a limited amount of space, there is not much room for training equipment...
A. Turtle Gym has a compact and space-friendly design.
It is possible to set up our machines in tight areas, as compared to larger, weight-stacking machines.

Many centers usually lack the space to fit training equipment.
Turtle Gym equipment is not only compact but is also easy to move around. Exercise, rehab, and many other maneuvers are possible with Turtle Gym even in compact or tight areas.

Q. We would like to have equipment that would highlight our facility to differentiate ourselves from our competitors...
A. A great feature of Turtle Gym is that it provides preventative care along with superior rehabilitation.

Many centers focus on fixing patientsʼ medical needs rather than preventing it from occurring in the first place.
Turtle Gym can be used for patients with locomotive syndrome, sarcopenia and more.

Introduction of training systems for various purposes

We have 8 types of training machines for each part of your body depending on your needs and size of your facility.

Basic Training System

Recommended set for first installation

These are the 3 basic machines of TURTLE GYM which allows you to train upper(Shoulder press)&lower body(Hip Abduction) and trunk(Abdominal Back).
This is recommended for those who are considering to install their first rehab machines.

Basic Training System

Machine details
Occupation area 4.7m³ at minimum ※See above for details
Price Approximately 1,850,000 yen

Full body training system

System to improve muscle strength and flexibility

This system allows you to improve your basal metabolism and immunity by training the full-body effectively.
This system is a combination of Leg press, Leg Curl, Hip Abduction for your lower body, and Chest press, Shoulder press for your upper body and Abdominal Back for your trunk.

Full body training system

Machine details
Occupation Area 4.7m³ at minimum ※See above for details.
Price Approximately 3,820,000 yen


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