• Trunk

    Improves muscle strength and flexibility of the trunk by twisting your body.

    Improves muscle strength and flexibility for turning over in bed, pulling out toilet paper and other related movements by twisting the trunk

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    different leather colors!

    You can pick from 100 colors/patterns to match the concept and atmosphere of your facility. (Additional cost for custom leather)


Features of Twister

  • Improves flexibility of lower back to make it easier to twist your body.
  • Strengthens abdomen and back for better posture.
  • Improves range of motion of abdomen and back.

Product Info

Product code RE-128042
Retail Price ¥445,500 with TAX
Size(min) W 730mm/L 750mm/H 990mm
Size(max) W 820mm/L 750mm/H 990mm
Weight 27.0 kg
Power Source 100V~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50VA

Muscles Involved

  • Focus on the trunk which is usually difficult with regular training.

    ・Pectoralis major
    ・Deltoid muscle
    ・Internal/External abdominal oblique muscle
    ・Trapezius muscle
    ・Latissimus dorsi
    ・Erector spinae muscles

How to Use

1.Grab the handles.
2.Twist your body to the right and return to original position.
3.Twist your body to the left and return to original position.

We recommend machines based on your goals

Body slimming training system

Below is an example of installation of twister with other machines for lower body such as hip adduction and leg press.

Twister, which is for trunk training, is usually combined with other training machines.

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  • Hip Adduction
  • chestpress
  • Leg Press


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