Leg Press

  • Lower body

    Strengthen muscles involved in standing up and climbing stairs.

    Effectively strengthen muscle groups to raise legs.

    Customize your machine with
    different leather colors!

    You can pick from 100 colors/patterns to match the concept and atmosphere of your facility. (Additional cost for custom leather)


Features of Leg Press

  • User-friendly design for elderly.
  • Effectively strengthens muscles involved in walking.
  • No.1 installation rate.

Product Info

Product code RE-128040
Retail Price ¥809,600 with TAX
Size(min) W 610mm/L 1,570mm/H 1,020mm
Size(max) W 610mm/L 1,570mm/H 1,120mm
Weight 61.0 kg
Power Source 100V~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50VA

Muscles Involved

How to Use

1.Place your legs on the footplate
2.Push the footplate and the seat away from each other.
3.Return to the original position

We recommend machines based on your goals

Leg press, which is for lower body training, is usually combined with other training machines.

Activity of Daily Living (ADL) improvement training system

Comes with 3 basic machines: Shoulder press for upper body, Leg press for lower body, and Abdominal back for trunk.

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