Hip Adduction

  • Lower Body

    Effectively strengthen both adductor and abductor which are usually difficult to train with regular machines.

    Effectively improves inner muscles in the femoral and lumbar region to reduce the risk of swaying while walking.

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    different leather colors!

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Features of Hip Adduction

  • Enables you to strengthen both adductor and abductor which are usually difficult to strengthen with traditional training machines.
  • Lifts up, corrects bow legs, and prevents urinary incontinence.
  • Strengthens muscle groups of adductor, abductor, and gluteus.

Product Info

Product code RE-128038
Retail Price ¥774,400 with TAX
Size(min) W 650mm/L 1,320mm/H 1,275mm
Size(max) W 1,610mm/L 1,050mm/H 1,275mm
Weight 49.0 kg
Power Source 100V~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50VA

Muscles Involved

  • Lower body with a focus on inner muscles of thigh and back.

    ・tensor fasciae latae muscle
    ・adduction and abduction muscles
    ・gluteus medius
    ・gluteus minimus

How to Use

1.Bring your thighs close together.
2.Pause for a few seconds.
3.Return to original position.

We recommend machines based on your goals

Hip adduction, which is for lower body training, is usually combined with other training machines.

Basic rehab/training system

Below is an example of installation of abdominal back with other machines for lower body such as hip adduction and leg press as the trunk training system.

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  • Abdominal Back


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