Day care facility


Fushimi Ward, Kyoto


Have a facility where you would like to have your parents over by using 6 types of TURTLE GYM machines.

The reason why we purchased TURTLE GYM

  • In November 2013, the Hops Shimotoba was opened in one of the historical areas: Fushimi, Kyoto. Mr. Takashi Ueno, the representative had previously worked at a hospital as a physical therapist.
    The company's goal was to make their facility where they would want their parents to go. To achieve this goal, they work to make the facility safe, fun, and a place to support the active health of the elderly.
    The team set out to improve three fundamental functions: cognitive function, dental hygiene, and physical function, and thus facilitate the users to continue enjoying what they want to do in life.

    They discovered TURTLE GYM on our website when they were looking for a training machine that meets their goal.
  • タートルジムを導入した理由

User’s Reviews

  • "Once we started using TURTLE GYM, we immediately noticed the advantage when users were able to control the amount of resistance, dependent on their individual muscle strength.
    We only wish we had more space to install more machines..." said Mr. Ueno. They have 6 TURTLE GYM machines that are set up nicely in the small training room.

    One of the users said, “I thought training was somebody else’s business. Although I have week muscle”.
    There are more and more smiles with TURTLE GYM in Fushimi, Kyoto.