ASICS Senior care center


Nishinomiya City, Hyogo


We support your exercise goal with 6 TURTLE GYM machines

The reason why we purchased TURTLE GYM

  • TRYUS NISHINOMIYA is a senior care center administered by ASICS Japan, specializing in functional training. To achieve the goal of "Be what you want to be", they provide sophisticated comfortableness to value yourself.

    They have introduced ASICS's original program called "DUAL SPARK" whose concept is "Stand, Walk, No Falling Down" by activating their brain and body to make tomorrow joyful.

    There are 3 exercises to achieve the goal of this program: Dual-task exercises to train the brain and body, sling exercise to improve balance and flexibility, and machine exercise to strengthen muscles. 6 of the TURTLE GYM machines are used for machine exercises.

    Mr. Yusuke Torii, manager and the physical therapist says "We are very happy that TURTLE GYM allows the users to generate power from a wider range of body compared to the traditional weight training machines with oil cylinders. We actually noticed that muscle amount has increased”.
  • タートルジムを導入した理由

User’s Reviews

  • One of the users satisfyingly said "Training with TURTLE GYM makes my mind and body refreshed“.
    TURTLE GYM definitely is helping people to “Be What You Want To Be”.

Future perspectives / Voice from staffs

  • Tryus started their business first in Nishinomiya, Sep.2014. They now have 5 more facilities in Ashiya, west Kobe, Amagasaki and Itami.
    Mr. Torii said they are planning on opening up more and more facilities in the near future.
    We hope Turtle Gym machines would make more people happy.